With the global birth rate falling, Mustela continues to reposition itself

Mustela (Laboratoires Expanscience), a prominent player in baby and child care, faces a shifting demand landscape marked by four significant trends: Inflation, deconsumption, declining birth rates, and eco-anxiety. The brand acknowledges a clear correlation between the drop in birth rates and a simultaneous 6% to 7% decline in sales volumes. Consequently, Mustela is strategically repositioning itself towards a family-oriented range, emphasizing eco-friendly products.

The brand’s Marketing Director, Clémence Ménez, highlights Mustela’s recognition among parents, with 94% awareness and 50% usage. Notably, flagship products like the Gentle Cleansing Gel and Cleansing Water exhibited robust growth in 2023, indicating consumer trust and preference even in a contracting French market.

Mustela aims to leverage its expertise in infant skincare to expand into a family-friendly cosmetics range. The successful introduction of a suncare line for the entire family, coupled with a remarkable 33% growth, exemplifies the brand’s ability to thrive amidst intensified market competition. Clémence Ménez underlines the brand’s commitment to transparency and environmental responsibility, including discontinuing wipes production by 2027 and introducing a certified compostable wipes range in early 2024.

In a surprising move, Mustela plans to launch a sunglass collection for all age groups in the second quarter of 2024, emphasizing eco-friendliness with recycled rubber from tires. The brand sees potential in this offering, particularly in pharmacies, provided it comes with expert advice.

Mustela’s mosquito repellent range and the Stelatopia range for atopic skin have garnered positive responses, showcasing the brand’s ability to cater to diverse family needs. The commitment to zero waste initiatives, such as reusable eco wipes, universal balm, eco-refill washing gel, and solid shampoo, reflects Mustela’s vision for a sustainable future.