The age of thrill: five key beauty trends for 2024 and beyond

Cosmetics Insight & Innovation, the global trend forecasting and consulting agency established in Paris in 2007, shares five significant predictions that will mold the beauty industry in 2024 and beyond. Anticipating the future with optimism, creativity, and conviction, the agency identifies key shifts in consumer expectations and industry dynamics.

In an era marked by uncertainties and a multitude of crises, there is a rising demand for emotionally compelling and invigorating physical experiences, especially considering our constantly evolving lifestyles. Consumers are now excited by groundbreaking innovations delivering extraordinary sensations and pushing performance boundaries. This cultural shift towards seeking thrills is expected to influence beauty perceptions, fostering a more individual mindset and setting elevated expectations, propelling beauty on an unprecedented trajectory, as explained by Leila Rochet, Chief Inspiration Officer of Cosmetics Insight & Innovation.

Beyond Traditional Approaches:
Scientific Transformation:

Moving forward, all experiences will be hybrid, with a commitment to maximizing performance through product innovation. The integration of new technologies and scientific breakthroughs, driven by Artificial Intelligence, will reshape consumer expectations, taking results-focused beauty to new heights.

Ulta Beauty’s collaboration with Haut AI in the summer of 2023 introduced personalized skincare diagnostics in-store. Haut AI further developed SkinGPT, a skincare platform utilizing generative AI to simulate product effects over time. AI-powered bots, like Clockwork’s $10 mani-bot, are becoming prevalent outside professional salons, meeting the demand for faster and cost-effective options.

Amorepacific’s Lipcure Beam exemplifies a mindset rooted in science, employing precision sensor and diagnostic technology to deliver advanced care. The future of beauty will extend beyond beautification, catering to consumers seeking tangible outcomes and daily performance optimization.

Adapting to Dynamic Lifestyles:

Transient Living:

Beauty adapts to the ever-changing landscape of on-the-go lifestyles, driven by a growing thirst for leisure and the rise of the nomad economy. The surge in travel, including “bleisure” (business and leisure), necessitates refreshed routines, adaptive textures, and a re-engineering of packaging to suit the practical needs of beauty products.

Miu Miu’s collection at PFW SS24 reflects the future omni-traveler, blending workwear with beachwear and sportswear with eveningwear. Climate changes prompt the need for climate-adaptive textures and packaging, as seen in Vacation’s After Sun Gel and TIRTIR Off The Sun Air Mousse SPF 50+.

Brands like Utu specifically develop skincare to adapt to outdoor lifestyles, prioritizing protection, nourishment, and rejuvenation for both the skin and the planet.

Indulgence in Extravagance:


Consumers, seeking respite from daily challenges, are turning to lavish indulgences and grand gestures as a response to economic uncertainties. A new generation of thrill-seekers embraces experiences and unconventional expressions, creating a culture of indulgence amid permacrisis.

Success stories like Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour highlight the cultural craving for escapism. In Korea, crystal nose-bridge embellishments, inspired by K-pop idols Jennie and Rosé from Blackpink, redefine face gems.

Brands like Unseen Beauty (UK) contribute to this era of decadence by delivering extraordinary experiences with luxe finishes, such as the SPECTRA Eye Colour containing glass microspheres for a reflective silver effect under a phone camera’s flash.

Harmony with Nature:

Symbiotic Eden:

As consumers increasingly demand greater environmental responsibility, brands are redefining value and considering the future implications of products. The ongoing climate crisis prompts beauty innovations that address environmental challenges.

Initiatives like Greez, a resale platform for unsold cosmetics, and secondhand beauty products from retailers like This is Beauty (US) gain traction. Brands like Ulé and Caudalie accelerate vertical farming for tech-driven sustainable sourcing, while Gezeiten collaborates with marine biologists for Earth Marine CellTech Complex®, integrating marine extracts and submarine water concentrate.

The quest for plastic-free solutions gains momentum, with companies like Verity proposing metal packaging and Notpla exploring regenerative packaging.

Emotional Connection:

Expanded Care:

Amid rising stress levels, emotional-bonding becomes crucial in daily behavior, influencing the beauty industry. Comfort-boosting textures and psychodermatological narratives gain prominence, driven by platforms like TikTok.

The success of Rare Beauty and the rise of circadian beauty showcase the importance of emotional care. Brands like You’re Looking Well (UK) focus on holistic solutions, developing products like the Night Pill & Night Cream to optimize users’ sleep.

In the future, beauty brands will prioritize emotionally-bonding facets, including texture, color, scent, and packaging, offering consumers uniquely sensorial moments and addressing the biological processes beneath the surface.

As the beauty industry continues to evolve, these predictions provide valuable insights into the transformative trends shaping the landscape in 2024 and beyond.